who we are

We, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH  are a German federal enterprise and offer workable, sustainable and effective solutions in political, economic and social change processes. The wide range of services offered by us are based on a wealth of regional and technical expertise and on tried and tested management know-how.


We are developing strategies to support the sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services across sectoral and administrative boundaries, based on robust data. Through this approach, we are helping safeguard the species and habitat diversity for future generations.


The local population, the private sector and government are currently exploiting natural resources in ways that place pressure on these resources. There is too little public awareness of the principles underlying the sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Nor is such awareness mainstreamed within training institutions or made an integral part of planning and decision-making processes. This is compounded by conflicts of interest between the various sectors involved and land users, poor coordination, and a lack of robust data.


Using national biodiversity monitoring system, our partners are able to gather, collect and communicate robust data, as well as principles of sustainable forest management, modern forest planning methods and satellite-based forest monitoring systems have been introduces for the approx. 35,000 mk2 of forest in the South Caucasus.
Thanks to improved cropping methods and agro-biodiversity management, agriculture is now better adapted to climate change.
Overall environmental education campaigns and environmental education in schools are improving public awareness, attitudes and behavior with regard to environmental issues.
Exchange and dialogue are taking place between desicion-makers and experts in the tree countries on urgent environmental issues.


  • We advise our partners on developing cross-sectoral policies, strategies and laws.
  • We support in developing and establishing monitoring systems for biodiversity and ecosystem services and facilitate inter-ministerial dialogue.
  • We demonstrate how natural resources can be managed more sustainably in pilot regions while taking diverse interests into account.
  • We improve wider public awareness of the importance of biodiversity by supporting the capacity development of training institutions, conducting national campaigns and improving environmental education centres.

Current Programme:

Integrated Biodiversity Management, South Caucasus IBiS

Responsible Programme Director:

Hans-Joachim Lipp

Political Partners:

Ministry of territorial administration and development  of Armenia

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia