Environmental Education and Information

Increasing awareness of biodiversity in the South Caucasus is key to changing people's attitude and practice towards the environment.

We support the integration of environmental topics like biodiversity and climate protection as well as rural energy and energy efficiency into school and university curricula and work towards enhancing the qualification of trainers in these fields. University students will be the future specialists working with natural resources and protecting them. By creating awareness among youth about the importance of biodiversity and environmental conservation, they will grow up with a better understanding of how important their natural surroundings are and what they can do to preserve them.

Moreover, we design and implement comprehensive and targeted awareness raising measures, especially for young people and the rural population to change knowledge, attitudes and practices towards the environment. These measures are based on comprehensive surveys we conveyed to understand the knowledge, attitudes and practices (so-called KAP-Studies) that already exist among people in the three countries.



Example Georgia

In Georgia, we are specifically addressing the education of forest workers. Through designing an official training programme for forest work specialists together with our partner organisations and four training colleges, we contribute to a more sustainable implementation of forest management measures through better educated forest workers. More than 150 people already graduated from the supported colleges and many more will be trained to apply their newly gained knowledge on sustainable forest management in the future.