Improving Framework Conditions

The sustainable use and protection of ecosystems depend essentially on the framework conditions set by state institutions. The programme works towards improving these institutional framework conditions and legislations in a way that benefits the sustainable use of ecosystem services and the conservation of biodiversity. To enable these changes, we work in close cooperation with the political partners in the countries.



Example Armenia

To enable a coordinated and fruitful cooperation and information sharing between different organizations working in pasture management, ECOserve together with partners founded the Pasture Coordination Platform. It consists of ten organizations, institutions, projects and public administration bodies and aims to ensure viability of programs and investments in the area of animal farming, increase economic opportunities of communities and support income growth of rural residents in Armenia. The platform also connects field experts with local self-government bodies which organise the pasture management activities.



Example Azerbaijan

ECOserve supports the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan in reviewing regulations and incorporating legal acts and administrative procedures that ensure a sustainable use of natural resources e.g. through improving regulation on the application of fertilisers and other inputs in the agricultural sector. Part of this process is the promotion of exchange between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources with the aim to strengthen the issue of protection of the environment and biodiversity in the agricultural sector.