Pilot Activities

Pilot measures take place at selected locations. They play an important part in our work, as they allow us to test and showcase how biodiversity and ecosystems and their resources can be used and managed in a better and more sustainable way. Successful pilot interventions lay the groundwork for scaling up the measures to an entire country or region, and they can influence national policies.



Example Armenia

ECOserve will support pastoral communities in Lori and Shirak to apply the new maps of the Armenian pastures and their conditions. Together with pastoralists, new and sustainable ways of managing the pastures will be tested and evaluated to lay the groundwork for their improvement and upscaling. For example, communities will apply the measure of rotational grazing based on the current condition and capacity of the pastures in the area. By using the pastures in a systematic and regular way, they can be preserved in the long run.



Example Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, ECOserve aims to promote environmentally and biodiversity friendly agricultural practices in the district of Kurdamir, which is located in the center of Azerbaijan. Together with local service providers and small farmers from surrounding villages, sustainable alternatives for existing agricultural production systems and farm management will be tested. This will help to identify agricultural practices that are more sustainable, suitable for the pilot area, and taking into account social and economic challenges and needs of smallholders. The application of sustainable agricultural production methods will contribute to maintaining the productivity of the agricultural land, protecting biodiversity and ensuring the livelihood of the rural population in the pilot area.