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Political partner:

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection (MENRP)

  • National Forestry Agency (NFA)
  • Biodiversity and Forest Policy Department (BFPD)
  • Environmental Information and Education Center (EIEC)
  • Agency of Protected Areas (APA)
  • Department for Environmental Supervision (DES)
Important stakeholders:
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia
  • Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
  • Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
  • CENN
  • RECC
  • GIPA
  • ISET
  • Ilia State University

Pilot area: Dedoplistskaro Municipality,  Tusheti  Protected Landscape, Akhmeta Municipality

Main Fields of Activities

Demonstrating sustainable biodiversity management in pilot regions

  • In Dedoplistskaro, we are introducing farming methods that nurture biodiversity and are adapted to the impacts of climate change. Yields have increased by 80%.
  •  In Akhmeta, we are piloting new spatial planning methods, sustainable forest and pasture management,
    and integrated erosion control

 Improving frameworks and supporting capacity development

  • We are advising our partners on establishing sound biodiversity and forest monitoring systems that will enable decision-makers to take informed policy decisions.
  • We are facilitating implementation of the EU Association Agreement by drafting a framework law on biodiversity, a biosafety law and legislation on game hunting. We are supporting the establishment of an Emerald Network of sensitive regions (similar
    to Natura 2000 in the EU).
  • We are advising on comprehensive reform of the forestry sector. Over 250 stakeholders from 70 Diversity for a better future organisations are involved. We are supporting the introduction of training for forest workers in vocational schools and university degree courses in environmental studies (in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD)

Education for sustainable development

  • We are helping demonstrably to improve the public’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour with regard to environmental issues.
  •  We are advising on the development and operationalisation of cross-curricular national standards for education for sustainable development for students in years 1 to 12.
  •  Sustainable biodiversity management is being put into practice in 250 eco-clubs in secondary schools.

Regional exchange and dialogue

  • In Georgia, representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia attend conferences and meetings to share and dialogue on urgent environmental issues in the region, e.g. integrating ecosystem services into development planning.
  •  In cooperation with RECC, we are designing a regional platform that will support long-term virtual exchange and dialogue.
  •  We are supplying teaching materials for secondary schools via an online platform used by educational institutions in all three countries.

Contact details

Dr. Christian Gönner

Team Leader Georgia