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Political partner:

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR)

Important stakeholders:
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • International Organisations (UNDP, EU)
  • Universities (Baku State University, ADA University, Western University)
  • Ismayilli District Administration

Pilot area: Ismayilli District

Main Fields of Activities

Demonstrating sustainable biodiversity management in pilot regions

  • We are advising our political partners in the pilot district of Ismayilli, which encompasses 105 villages, on intersectoral land-use planning.
  • In Ismayilli, we will be supporting up to ten municipalities in piloting innovative erosion control measureson over 100 ha.
  • We are helping improve the socioeconomic situation of rural municipalities with a total population of up to 84,000 by identifying income-generating opportunities i.a. the conversion of eroded pasture to hay-fields (generating additional income of approx. EUR 170 ha/year), improved management of apple and peach orchards, improved bee-keeping and honey production and plantings of hazelnut orchards.

 Improving frameworks and supporting capacity development

  • We are advising the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on establishing an information system for the integrated management of biodiversity and ecosystem services, so that policy decisions can be taken on the basis of improved data.
  • We are enabling decision-makers to develop capacities for intersectoral management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. This will involve providing up to 20 training measures and facilitating the integration of corresponding modules at training institutions.

Education for sustainable development

  • We are advising the Ministry of Education on reforming and restructuring the environmental education centres, of which there are over 50 across the country.
  • We are advising the Republican Centre for Youth and Children on designing environmental educational offerings and support training of trainers.
  • We are helping improve university teaching in the environmental sector by supporting Baku State University in delivering a new master’s degree course in bio-ecology. This involves designing GIS modules, training teachers and creating opportunities for internships and excursions.
  • In cooperation with MENR we are implementing a public awareness campaign on ecosystem services.

Regional exchange and dialogue

  • In cooperation with the RECC, we are designing a regional platform that will support long-term virtual exchange and dialogue.
  • We are supplying teaching materials for secondary schools via an online platform used by educational institutions in all three countries.

Contact details

Patric Schlager

Team Leader Azerbaijan