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Political partner:
  • Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry  of Nature Protection

Pilot area:  Aragatsotn Region, Aparan Subregion; Shirak Region, Artik Subregion; Syunik Region, Sisian Subregion.

Main Fields of Activities

Demonstrating sustainable biodiversity management in pilot regions

  • In Aragatsotn, Shirak and Sisian, we are supporting municipalities in piloting an integrated pasture management approach designed to prevent soil degradation in the long term.

 Improving frameworks and supporting capacity development

  • We are supporting our political partners in establishing intersectoral biodiversity management coordination structures.
  • We are advising the Ministry of Nature Protection on establishing an information system for the integrated management of biodiversity and ecosystem services,
    so that policy decisions can be taken on the basis of improved data.
  • We are supporting the Ministry of Nature Protection in raising policy-makers’ awareness of the integration of ecosystem services into development planning
    and payment for ecosystem services.
  • The principles of sustainable forest management play a prominent role in our cooperation with Diversity for a better future the Ministry of Agriculture. An IT-based forest management and information system has been developed. The government forest enterprise (Hayantar) and the State Forest Monitoring Centre are using this system.

Education for sustainable development

  • We are advising the Environmental Education Network (an association of more than 30 local and international organisations) and the Ministry of Education and Science on incorporating elements of environmental education into secondary school
  • We are advising the Ministry of Nature Protection on conducting campaigns to raise public environmental awareness and to train multipliers (e.g. journalists).

Regional exchange and dialogue

  • In cooperation with RECC, the Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus, we are designing a regional platform that will support long-term virtual exchange and dialogue.
  • We are supplying teaching materials for secondary schools via an online platform used by educational institutions in all three countries.

Contact details

Carsten Schulz

Team Leader Armenia